The Legends Reborn
Last Updated 29 April 2013

Applicants are allowed to be in the guild 1 week before they are promoted or removed. Please read the rules to gain your voice in g-chat. Note: Rule infractions can result in a g-kick.

Raid rules are further down the page.

The Legends Reborn use a "guild reputation" system for rank in the guild. If you do things to impress the officers, you can gain reputation with the guild. If you do things that DO NOT impress them, you can lose reputation. You can do Guild Quests to earn reputation more quickly. (Guild Quests under maintenance). We keep track of reputation in game with TLRPs (The Legends Reborn Points). Loss of TLRPs can result in demotions and guild kicks. If you have any questions about them, ask an officer in game. Like any other faction, you must be a certain rank to enjoy certain benefits.

Here are the rules of The Legends Reborn.
Please Note: Characters must be level 10 (level 60 for DKs) to join The Legends Reborn

1) Be Nice! We can't stress this enough! Being mean will get you kicked. If you can't be nice try not to let the door hit you on the way out.

2) Help each other! Other than guild quests, this is the best way to gain guild reputation. The more you help, the more likely you are to be seen helping and gain reputation. The officers are always watching.

3) DO NOT BEG! Begging includes, but is not limited to: asking for free stuff, contiually asking for ANYTHING over and over, and whining. In the event the guild can help, we ACTIVELY DISCOURAGE guild members taking payments from other guldies, but always offer to pay something (even if it's a small amount). If no one in guild can help, find a PuG or do it solo. We all had to do it. You can do it too.

4) Watch your language! Sometimes foul language happens, but it does not have to be a part of regular speech. This does not mean you will be kicked if you say "damn" in guild chat. However, you will be warned and disciplinary action may be taken if it gets any worse.

This also includes RESPECTING Guild Officers. We do not mind if you disagree with them (as you are always entitled to be wrong!) but DO NOT ARGUE with them in guild chat. Do it privately and remember their word is LAW (exceptions made by Goorr).

5) Obey the Rules of the Guild Vault! The vault is a privilege. It is there for personal use. However, only pull out items and materials that can be used on the toon pulling them out. Level 10 characters pulling out level 85 items is NOT acceptable. Pulling items for your other toons is NOT acceptable. If you don't have enough pulls ask an officer for assistance. DO NOT abuse the vault

6) Log in at least once every 2 months! Characters that hit the 2 month mark can be removed from the guild for inactivity.

To get your first promotion and gain your voice in guild chat, send one of the GUILD OFFICERS an in game MAIL with the sentence 'I have read the rules of The Legends Reborn.'

Raid Rules

We use the in-game calendar (via Group Calendar 5) to facilitate raid sign ups. Raids are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis BASED ON RANK AND THEN based on time of sign up. (Added 16 July 11.) People with a higher rank have earned their seat above lower ranked toons. If you sign up as "tentative" will be chosen AFTER the people who have signed up as "confirmed". Command Officers (The GM, a General, or a Colonel) can reserve a spot in any raid as long as they do so PRIOR to the START of the raid. This does not happen often, but these officers have earned this privilege.

The following requirements must be met to avoid removal from the raid and possible loss of TLRPS

1) You must have the guild rank of Private to raid with The Legends. (This does not guarentee you a spot, but grants the ability to sign up for a spot.) If you sign up as a trainee you will be placed at the bottom of the sign up list.

2) If you are not on time, you will not raid and will lose 50 TLRPs. The Raid Leader may work with possible conflicts if they know ahead of time.

3) You may not have more than 2 pieces of green (sub-325) gear to join a raid. This rule may change as the expansion continues forward. Progression raiders need to have the relevant Looking For Raid achievement. Progression raiders also need to meet an item level minimum. Check the raid description on the in game calendar for the specific number (added for clarity 29 April 2013).

4) If you do not show up for a raid you signed up for, you will lose at least 50 TLRPs.

5) If you cause a raid delay more than 2 times, you can be removed from the raid (even if it is not your fault. It's not the fault of the other raiders either!) This includes unscheduled AFKs and frequent disconnects. Loss of TLRPs will be at the Raid Leaders discression.

6) You must have current expansion raid flasks (or battle AND guardian elixers). There is NO acceptable EXCUSE for not having these! Even if you are pulling in an alt for a raid, they should be raid ready ahead of time. Exceptions can only be made by the Raid Leader and Goorr.

7) You must have your own personal buff food. There is NO acceptable EXCUSE for not having this! (See rule #6.)

8) You must have enough funds to repair your gear. Guild repairs are offered on a limited basis based on rank in the guild. Your repairs are likely to excede this amount. There is NO acceptable EXCUSE for not having this! If you have time to raid, you have time to quest, farm, play the AH, (dance on a street corner in Silvermoon City) for gold.

9) You must have our required addons for raiding. Any wipes occuring because of a missing addon will result in disciplinary action. We require all raiders to use the guild Ventrilo. All members are required to get an addon that announces raid events such as DBM or BigWigs. Raid Leaders should run Big Brother and other raid assistance addons to help moniter buffs.

Welcome to The Legends Reborn! We are a friendly and helpful guild as long as YOU make the effort to get to know us. Talk to members in guild chat; log into vent; make friends; get to know your class officers. This is YOUR mission as a new member of the Legends Reborn.